What's The Difference? WS2811/2812B/SK6812/WS2813 IC LED RGB Digital Strip

- Apr 18, 2019-

What's the difference? WS2811/2812B/SK6812/WS2813 LED RGB Digital Strip

Many people may feel confused about RGB digital strips with different ic chips.

WS2811 IC is a separate SOCI8 LED driver chip, widely used for led pixels, strings or strips.


WS2812B/SK6812 IC Strip ,we may understand WS2812B is the combination of ws2811 ic and 5050 led into a single unit,or WS2811 compatible chip integrated into a 5050 led smd. This chip is inside of the LED and has constant current vrive so the color will be very consistent. Sk6812 has the same protocol as WS2812B. From working experience,we found that sk6812 works better and very low reject ratio.


 WS2813 is an intelligent controlLED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip areintegrated in a package. of 5050 components. Its internalinclude intelligent digital port data latch and signalreshaping amplification drive circuit. WS2813 Strip main feature is one led broke will not influence other leds unless two sequential leds broken. That reduces some costs in some aspects.



So, in your projects, to choose the most suitable type of strips is important.

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