The Difference Between LED And OLED

- May 10, 2016-

LED and OLED as a new semiconductor lighting technology, known as the fourth generation light source or green light, compared to traditional lighting products, it has energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and other characteristics, it can be widely applied in various directions , display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and urban areas such as night.

Thus, in recent years some of the world's developed countries are actively developing OLED and LED semiconductor lighting. However, LED and OLED due to the different works and production process, there is their own characteristics.

ledLED stands for light-emitting diode, the general use of Group III-IV semiconductor materials and inorganic chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. As with conventional semiconductor industries, its high cost manufacturing process, it is difficult to achieve large size. Therefore, LED can only be applied in the form of a point light source. Indoor general lighting, illumination in order to achieve a certain space, LED requires high brightness, so in order to prevent glare, resulting in soft light, LED lampshade is often necessary to use the installation. But this way, the luminous efficiency of LED lamps will drop.

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