Optional LED Display Four Precautions

- May 10, 2016-

LED display for displaying heavy security monitoring head soldiers, market developments in the field of direct impact on the security industry direction. Outdoor LED LED industry is the development of intelligent traffic has unparalleled advantages, is an important development direction of the LED field. With the unprecedented prosperity of LED technology, LED display products concern, widely used in commercial advertising, live broadcast, traffic guidance, stage interpretation of other fields.

LED display four advantages

In the outdoor advertising market, LED large screen advertising due to the target consumer groups have relevance strong visual impact and strong performance, advertising updates flexible, low cost per thousand audience Reach Higher huge advantage, has become an important outdoor advertising communication media.

Compared with LCD scraper machines, LED display advantages in the following points:

1, an area of ductility, LCD large area is difficult to achieve seamless, LED display can be arbitrarily extended and seamless splicing.

2, LCD plasma screen flux decay quickly, usually run one and a half or so, they need to be replaced, but the LED display under the same operating conditions of at least five years, no problem.

3, LED scraper machine can use interactive technology to enhance scraper machine as an interactive advertising medium between the audience and advertising, such as custom touch screen, to achieve cloud broadcast control management.

4, in terms of display, LED display of high brightness, wide viewing angles and good color reproduction is superior to LCD screens. LED scraper machines are generally used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed rail, subway, theater, exhibitions, offices and other target customers spending power, with great advertising value.

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