LED Packaging Technology Trends And CSP Prospects And Challenges

- May 10, 2016-

In recent years, research in the LED device material, chip technology, packaging process technology continues to progress, especially the diversification of flip-chip and phosphor coating technology matures, and a new chip-sized package CSP ( Chip Scale Package) technology emerged. Due to maximize its luminous flux per unit area (high optical density) and chip packaging BOM costs and maximum ratio (lower packaging costs) are expected to make a breakthrough in open subversive lm / $ on. Recently, CSP lead to greater discussion in the industry, it is both a large number of packages, the industry is also high hopes, it is considered an "ultimate" package.

First, the white LED package Situation

Currently, LED lighting has become a major market driver. As can be seen from the LED lighting market penetration, LED lighting market has gone through replacement lamps, integrated LED lamps, as well as next-generation lighting applications wisdom three stages of development. According to several industry analyst firm predicts that by 2020, LED lighting market penetration will reach 70%, LED integrated light source will play an increasingly important role in lighting design.

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