LED Full Color Display Application And Selection

- May 10, 2016-

I remember when the industry started going, LED full color display as precious as gold, I was under the temptation of high profits have chosen this profession, I believe there are many people who are engaged in this industry had chosen ideas in this industry and I was the idea is the same as the same, but did not last long, with the addition of more and more people in this industry, the market turmoil, the price dropped lower and lower, less and less profit, since 2011, the collapse of a number of large LED display screen manufacturer, but despite this, I still adhere to this industry continue to do so, although the decline in profits, but the prospects for full-color LED display is bright, the market demand is still very large, but the people on full color LED display the increasingly high demand, the industry is now the only constant innovation and improvement of products in order to win the future full-color LED display market.

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