LED Drive Power To Buy The Secret

- May 10, 2016-

Later there are two most important driving power

One: to look capacitor brands, including Ruby (Rubycom Japan) particularly well-known, Hengying (HY-made) are more common, of course, does not apply to price than other brand capacitors for a few cents more expensive.

Two: whether with the IC chip control, since the control IC chip only has a short circuit, overvoltage, overload, over-temperature protection.

As long as these two points in place of the drive power, the quality has been very good.

When choosing LED drive power also to take into account the following points:

General principles

a, according to the LED current and voltage characteristics, the ideal is to use the constant current drive. It can avoid changing the LED forward voltage caused by current fluctuation, while a constant current to the LED brightness and stability.

b, In addition, LED luminous flux and inversely proportional to temperature, it should minimize the use of heat and power well-designed cooling system. Thereby reducing the environmental temperature of the LED work.

c, in order to ensure the overall life of LED, LED junction temperature must be controlled within a certain range, that is, to control the LED products work environment temperature.

1 High Reliability

LED products are mainly LED chip and power, cooling housing, control circuits and other components. Wherein the LED power supply directly affects the quality of the product. Especially LED lamp products, as installed in the high altitude, convenient maintenance, maintenance cost is also large.

2 high efficiency

LED energy-saving products, power supply should meet the energy requirements. In particular, the structure of the power installed in the luminaire, is particularly important. Because the LED luminous efficiency LED with increasing temperature decreases. High-efficiency power supply, its small power consumption, heat in the fixture is small, it reduces the temperature rise of the lamp. Advantageously LED light failure delaying.

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