LED Drive Power There Is To Know What Technology It?

- May 10, 2016-

Do you think the current LED drive power technology is kind of how it? Have to find out about it? LED constant current drive power of distributed technical reasons high reliability in that part of the LED drive power to continue to follow the traditional power supply, using constant pressure mode power supply, LED driver power supply design LED technology accumulation will create the conditions for quality, at the same power supply specifications, do not have the power to develop new models, power can be backward compatible, greatly reducing the power specifications to improve drive power unity .

Soft and hard combination of precision control ideas, in everyday driving power supply design, the peripheral device processing accumulated error it was very difficult, leading to LED power drive parameters designed far away.

Constant current drive current detection needs, the usual practice is connected in series with resistor branch cents even get feedback information, to achieve high efficiency, resistance value is smaller, too small even milli resistance to the production, testing all the inconvenience general instruments were unable to verify the correct value, LED drive power production process also affect the accuracy of the current setting resistor mode is fixed way, adjustment is not easy.

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