High-end Commercial LED Lighting Sees Growing Penetration Rate As Market Favors Optimal Light Quality

- Jun 27, 2016-

The ongoing improvement of efficacy, competence of SDCM control and color rendering index in LEDs accelerate high-end commercial lighting market’s development that demands higher light quality. High-end commercial lighting market mainly include museum, galleries and other exhibition lighting applications that primarily use downlights, projectors and reflectors.


 LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, reports in its “High-end commercial and track lighting market” that the market scale of two frequently used luminaires for high-end commercial lighting, namely Downlight and Projectors and Reflectors (Par& Rs.) separately reaches US $1.88 billion and US $1.54 billion in 2016. It’s projected that the market scale of Downlight is to reach US $2.01 billion and Projector and Reflectors at US $1.59 billion in 2017.


The majority of the track lighting product makers are European manufacturers, with product features including optical design and product ID design, also with DALI dimming system

  • Optical Design: adopting COB or high-power LEDs. COB achieves secondary optics mainly through reflector cup, while LED creates various lighting pattern primarily through optical lens or other optical glass. The lighting pattern can be simply divided into three major sorts like spot, flood and washer.

  • CCT: products are mostly with CCT of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, widely applied in museum and art gallery; if dimming is required, majority are equipped with DALI dimming system.

  • Power Design: generally, power supply designs are determined by the luminaire’s power and product ID design. Small power luminaires tend to incorporate power supply in the fixture while that of higher power ones place power supply in gear box.

  • Service Life: service life of 50,000 hours under luminous maintenance rate of 70%.

  • COB and DOB LEDs are introduced to high-end commercial lighting market

  • Based on LEDinside’s data of Global high-end commercial lighting market, among most frequently used downlights and track lights, 40% and 75% of these luminaires use COB LEDs as its light source. Based on the sets of luminaires, mainly COB that are under 30W. Meanwhile, the percentage of COB used in downlight has 11% of CAGR while track spotlights reach 6% of CAGR.


  • The new issue to be considered in manufacturing LED lighting is the balance between efficacy and quality of light that creates a more comfortable illuminated environment.

  • The fidelity index (Rf) of the IES TM-30-15 TM-30 is included in the TC 1-90: Color Fidelity Index. The technical reports, including TC 1-90 and TC-1-91 will be completed no later than the end of 2016.

  • Meanwhile, DLC 4.0 will be released in mid-June 2016 as manufacturers of lighting LED package actively improve their products to meet the standard.


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  • 2Q16 High-end Commercial Lighting and Track Light Market 

  • Introduction

  • High end Commercial Lighting is Becoming Invisible Champion in The LED Market

  • Advancing Light Quality Will Become Inevitable in The Future

  • Light Quality Supply Chain

  • Light Quality v.s. Product Luminous Efficacy in Different Region

  • Commercial Lighting Requirements

  • Main Differences Between IES TM-30-15 IES and CIE

  • LED Package Products Used in High Quality Commercial Lighting

LED Lighting Market Scale

  • 2016-2020 Global LED Lighting Market Scale- Downlight, PAR and Rse

  • 2016-2020 Global LED Lighting Market Volume in 2016- Downlight, PAR and RS

  • Lighting LED Color Temperature Distribution Trend

  • COB Penetration Rate in High-end Commercial Lighting

  • CRI Trend in High-end Lighting Market

Track Light Product Specification and Price

  • Spotlight and Wall Lamp in Europe

  • European Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products

  • Spotlight and Wall Lamp in the U.S.

  • U.S. Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products

  • Spotlight and Wall Lamp in Japan

  • Japanese Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products

  • Spotlight and Wall Lamp in China

  • Chinese Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products

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