Addressable Led Flex Strip Ws2812b Full Color

- May 17, 2017-

Addressable LED Flexible Strip Full Color WS2812B Chip Reel Strip


Product Type: Led Flexible Strip      Model Number: HJY-S-008          Led Type: SMD 5050

PCB Size:   10mm Width                Working Voltage: DC12V            Power: 14.4W/M

Viewing Angle: 140-160Degree       Luminous flux(lm):20-22lm/led     Certificates: CE ROHS

CRI(Ra>)   : 85                                Temperature: 12000K                  Warranty: 3years

Luminance Decrease:<5%              Operating Temperature: -30 - +50

Chip Brand: Taiwan Chip                 Weight:0.4kg/roll                           Brand: Oxford LED


1.Indoor Lighting Decoratio

2.Backlighting for Signs ,Billboard and Channel Letters

3.Backlighting for Led Lighting Boxes

4.Jewelry Showcase or Counter Lighting

5.Illumination Application

The different models of ws2811 full color led strip

1. 30led strip with 10pixel ws2811 chip per meter

2. 60led strip with 20pixel ws2811 chip per meter

3. 30led strip with 30pixel ws2812b chip per meter

4. 48led strip with 16pixel ws2811 chip per meter

5. 60led strip with 60pixel ws2812b chip per meter

6. 144led strip with 144pixel ws2812b chip per meter

5050 60led Flexible Strip Full Color .jpg

full strip cr.jpg


led strip packing.png

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