What internal factors affecting LED waterproof power is?

- May 10, 2016-

LED waterproof power switch control register and off time ratio, to adhere to a stable power supply output voltage, dimming power plan usually consists of a pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET constituted. LED waterproof power supply switching circuit is mainly composed of switches and high-frequency transformer. LED waterproof power in everyday life role plays an important role!

LED waterproof power supply rectifier diode rectifier circuit. There is a reverse current when the output rectifier diode is cut off, its time to return to zero junction capacitance and other factors related. Because the job at a high frequency, low frequency components of the characteristics of LED waterproof power will change the attack, thereby attack noise. At high frequencies, the stray parameters on the characteristics of the coupling channel is large, distributed capacitance into electromagnetic disturbing passages in the various aspects of the protection LED waterproof power its legitimate security performance becomes even better!

LED waterproof power supply due to the wide spread, poor working environment, it is still vulnerable to external dry. The most outstanding feature is the safe use of electricity in doubt, both in the summer is still winter, due to climatic and environmental problems caused by the difference electrical equipment often affects job by Ying ring, because the condition is often constrained, unable to timely rehabilitation equipment normal operation, to handle bring more difficult. High performance LED waterproof power supply equipment, good effect, so as to give us the development of lighting effects bring great benefits.

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