Waterproof LED power supply housing Why versatile it?

- May 10, 2016-

Power generation and distribution, telecommunications, metallurgy, mining, automatic control, household appliances, instruments and scientific experiments in various fields of social production and life, especially in high-reliability and high-tech fields displaying the irreplaceable important role. Only one power supply module, coupled with a small number of discrete components, you can get the power.

Low technical requirements. At the same time, but also gives the power module housing Jin its tables packaging. To change the product design, simply convert or another suitable power supply module can be connected in parallel. Design simple. You can also repeat the superposition or cross superimposed to form a modular combination of power, multi-channel input and output, greatly reduced prototype development time. Module power shell structure has the form collector sink, radiator and shell of the Trinity, to achieve a module power shell conduction cooling, the temperature is close to the minimum value of the power supply. Change flexible. Power modules generally fully automated production, and with high-tech production technology, so the quality is not chaos, reliable. You can use LC or π-type network, but should pay attention to try to choose a smaller inductance and large capacitance. High quality and reliable. If you need a higher power system requirements, should increase the input filter network.

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