Warm white,Pure white,Daylight,Cool white,What is the defference?

- Jun 26, 2017-

About white led lights,many people feel confused on purchasing.Why does it so different?

Here we'd like to explain and help you to make the right chioce for your leds projects.

First,let's see this picture which show the colors visually.

led strip white color.jpg

Warm White

Warm White is the range of colour temperatures that range between 2200K - 3400K. The Warm White colour produces somehow a yellow color ,all our led products like led moduleled stripled neon tube etc.. have it. However, 2200K compared to 3400K are different light colors. As we seen above picture it varies from yellow to pure white.

Pure White - Also called "Daylight"

Basiclly, Pure White is known as, "Daylight". It is the range of color temperatures of 4800K-6500K. this color temperature White is not yellow and not blue, but white.That's why we call it Pure white.

Cool White 

As like Pure White, Cool White also has a  relevant and commonly known name to describe the color temperatures between 9000K - 12000K. This colour temperature brings a blueish colour tone that somehow makes people feel cold and serious. In led lights, it's the brightest colour tempeature available, and produces the most lumens.So many customers choose cool white led lights to make their advertising signs in order to have more people seen them.

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