Traditional Neon light VS LED Neon Light

- Jun 27, 2019-


The final aim of promoting your business is to get people buying your products and services so that you can make a profit. In order to attract people in some places such as clubs, bars , hotels, ro restaurants, You need a way to guide them walk in through front door signs.It must be outstanding to be seen.

Neon has existed and been used for signs for a pretty long time,you can see it shining the night sky in everywhere of the worldwide cities.

However, as the development of technology and skill , traditional neon has been replaced because of 

it short-cut like electrical burned problem, which makes the signs embarrassed and unseen.

Comparing with gas neon tube, no one doesnt like LED neon strip.

Led neon light is brighter, energy-saving and does not take the risk of gas tubes.Signs will be stably lightenen up for a longer time without cost of repairs.

Led Neon Strips has been widely used for building facades or outlines, letters, fashionable designs ,streets decoration or other applications.

It makes our cities more colorful, eco-friendly and vibrant.


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