Top 5 Reasons to Choose LED Flex Neon for Signs

- Apr 19, 2019-

LED Neon is and has been a popular business in lighting projects for a lone time already They are economical and can be used for various purposes such as illuminating building facades, as business banners, an event banner signs and fashion designs etc.

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Neon Signs are made with neon and other aluminum profile or structures ,connected to electrical power to generate the effect of neon illumination. Neon can be used to make any shape or design which makes it easy and attractive means of business popularizeing. But the reason should be attributed to following features and advantages, and how neon benefit businesses.


1. Save enery and High visibility  – Neon is much beneficial for signs,banners,events,building facades as they offer high visibility and make them stands out. Neon light is made of flex PVC and smd leds which makes neon lights much low on energy and can help save an estimated 50 to 60 percent energy compared to traditional lights.

2. Wide Operating Range – Neon signs are quite durable and have a wide operating range and also have the ability to run on high voltage without causing any problem.

3.Long Lifespan – Properly installed neon in projects has a lone lasting more than 50,000 hours,but traditional lights may last up to less than 8-9 months.

4. Easy to install – Neon strip is easy to install and with the right promotion strategy in place, they can be used anywhere as they are perfectly safe to be used both inside and outside environment.  

5. More Attracts Customers – This goes without saying but neon signs are being used as a brand ,or decorated for landscape,parks etc..which attracts people's eyes in nights.


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