Tired of led spots or rigid? LED Flex Neon Perfect!

- Apr 03, 2018-

LED Flex Neon Linear Strip is a new alternative to standard lighting solutions. Utilizing advanced technology and material processing techniques, and which can be cut to any length and be bent by hand to form any shape decreasing installation time substantially.

Our LED Flex Neon is waterproofed, does not have any hot spots, and utilizes standard AC or DV voltages, making this product safer and more efficient than glass neon while achieving the same effects.

 The double layer of the LED Flex Neon is constructed of two layers of PVC, which offer efficiency all the while allowing for maximum protection from the environments.

Waterproofed led flex neon is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.As for installation, the led flex neon strip is incredibly easy,they can be cut ,bent or shaped to just about any figures.

Key Features of LED Flex Neon

*Output Voltage: AC220V,AC110V,DC12V, DC24V available.

*Color Range: 2800K-7000K, Red,green,blue,yellow,pink,purple,orange available.

*Power consumption: 6W-12W per meter

*Material: PVC

*LED number: 108led or 120led per meter

*Lumens: 800lm-1380lm

*Cut size: 0.5m,1m and so on.

*Beam angle: Topview, Flat view, by-side view, 360° viewing...

*>50,000Hrs life span.

*Available size: mini 8*16mm; 11*18mm;12*27mm,16*16mm, 14mm round...

If you are interested in this led flex neon, please contact us for more details!




flex led 3000K_副本.jpg

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