On multiple functions waterproof LED power supply

- May 10, 2016-

1, LED waterproof power conduction sensitivity

When the device causes undesirable echoes formation or performance degradation in the performance of the functions of the development prospects of LED waterproof power its good, LED waterproof power equalization control capability, can improve the ability of LED lighting lamps, pair power, control or signal lines measure disturb signals or voltage. (30Hz-50kHz / 3V, 50kHz -400MHz / 1V).

2, LED waterproof power transient susceptibility

Comprising spike sensitivity (0.5μs, 10μs 2 times), transient voltage sensitivity (10% -30%, 30S recovery), the frequency transient susceptibility (5% -10%, 30S rehabilitation), in accordance with such data to analyze, let's use a more reasonable this product!

3, LED waterproof power supply electrostatic discharge sensitivity

Objects with different electrostatic potentials close to each other or directly touching the charge transfer caused. 300PF capacitor to charge -15000V, through 500Ω resistor discharge. Different power to decide our LED waterproof power whether more good use, can be super bad, but bled to normal. After the test, the data transfer and storage can not be lost.

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