LED waterproof power use what common sense it?

- May 10, 2016-

1. Why is water supply in use will be protected and re-open after shutdown and can work normally?

General water supply occurred in the course of protection, there are two cases, the first load moment overload may be caused by overload protection, it is recommended to enhance the output power load designed or modified; the second is the rise in temperature, the occurrence of the phenomenon of temperature protection. Above all happens because of will power and crashes into the protected status, while the situation resolved before turning to return to normal.

2, If you need waterproof 300W power supply, can you use two 150W waterproof power supply and connected?

And can not be directly connected. 150W waterproof power supply due to non-functional design in parallel, when two waterproof power supply output voltage is not the same, high voltage will bear most of or all of the loss, resulting in rapidly and damage.

3. Why is the motor load, lamp or capacitive loads can cause water supply can not be a smooth start?

When the load is a motor, lamp or capacitive load when instantaneous power when excessive current caused, even far more than the maximum load water supply, it will cause the water supply will not be a smooth start.

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