LED waterproof power prices will affect the quality of it?

- May 10, 2016-

A LED lighting an important element of thinking, that is, LED waterproof power LED driver circuit with their work life should be comparable. Although the impact of the driving circuit robustness There are many elements, but electrolytic capacitors have a crucial impact on the overall robustness. In order to prolong the working life of the system, the demand for targeted analysis of the application of capacitors, and select the appropriate LED waterproof power supply electrolytic capacitors.

Effective working life of LED waterproof power supply electrolytic capacitors by ambient temperature and internal temperature by the action of the impact on the internal impedance of the ripple current incurred a large extent. Electrolytic capacitors rated life electrolytic capacitors manufacturer is based on the exposure at the maximum rated temperature environment and application of the maximum rated ripple current testing conditions. At 105 ° C typical capacitor might be rated life of 5,000 hours, job stress capacitance practice suffered lower compared to the nominal level, the effective working life is longer.

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