LED waterproof drive power features, what does?

- May 10, 2016-

1. In addition to regular power protection features protection functions, the best increase in the constant current output LED temperature negative feedback to prevent LED overheating; to

Meet safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

2. High reliability especially as LED street lamp drive power, installed at high altitude, convenient maintenance, maintenance cost is also large.

3. surge protection LED anti-surge capacity is relatively poor, especially anti-reverse voltage capability. Strengthen the protection of this area is also important. some

LED lights installed in the outdoors, such as LED lights. Since the start of rejection and lightning induced power grid load from the grid system will invade a variety of surge, some waves

Chung will cause LED damage. Therefore Analysis "in Section Hui Bao" drive power surge protection should have a certain lack, as for the power supply and

Frequent replacement lamps, LED drive power surge suppression have invasive capacity LED is not damaged protection.

4. High efficiency LED energy-saving products, LED waterproof drive power efficiency is higher. For the power junction cooling installation in the fixture is very important. Electricity

The high efficiency of the source, its small power consumption, heat in the fixture is small, it reduces the temperature rise of the lamp. Advantageously LED light failure delaying.

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