LED drive power five design tips

- May 10, 2016-

First, do not use bipolar power devices

In bipolar power devices than mosFET cheap, usually about 2 cents each, so some designers to reduce costs led drive power using bipolar power devices, it will seriously affect the reliability of the circuit, because with LED Driver lifting the board temperature, effective working range is bipolar devices rapidly diminishing, this will cause the device failure at a temperature rise which affects the reliability of LED lamps, the correct approach is to choose MOSFET devices, MOSFET devices to life much longer than bipolar devices.

Two, MOSFET breakdown voltage not less than 700V

Voltage of 600V MOSFET cheaper, many believe that LED lamps input voltage is generally 220V, 600V voltage so enough, but many times the circuit voltage to 340V, there is a surge in the time, very easy to 600V MOSFET breakdown , thus affecting the life of LED lamps, may actually choose 600VMOSFET save some costs, but it is the price paid for the entire board, so try not to use 600V breakdown voltage MOSFET, the best voltage over 700V MOSFET ".

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