How to choose the right dimmer for your led lights?

- Mar 01, 2017-

1.Choose the dimming method first

On the market,there are kinds of different dimmable LED light fixtures , but only three major types of dimming method: mains dimming, Dali or DMX.So choose what kind of dimming you need before you choose any LED luminaires. More lighting control manufacturers are providing lists of LED products that they have tested for compatibility with their equipment and this is a very useful service to any specifier.

2.Do not buy cheap drivers(dimmers)

Most lighting control systems offer a variety of dimming protocols, the languages which they use to communicate with the light or driver. When you’ve chosen the method that’s right for your installation, you need to get LED drivers which match the performance and the protocol. A common problem lies in the design and build quality of the LED driver, leading to poor performance and occasional failure of either the LED or the dimmer circuitry.

3.Test before you buy

 the lighting specification is very likely to be built around retrofit LED lamps, but the ‘retrofit’ title is becoming a misnomer because there are many new specifications making use of the technology to deliver relatively low-cost installations.

4.Check, check and check again

The message that is heard repeatedly is not to assume and always to check. The days when a filament lamp could be dimmed by almost anything and would always perform in the same way are gone. We are now in a world where electronic circuitry speaks to electronic circuitry and there is no over-arching standard yet in place to guarantee a unified performance.

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